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Impact Of Mobile Website Design

So you have launched a website for your business; have hired SEO experts to optimize it; have also applied the e-commerce solutions – and still not getting the expected ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and the expected traffic. Well, let me tell you the truth – in spite of applying all the methods, mentioned above, if your business is not working that good, may be you need to think about designing your website for mobiles as well.

Just imagine if someone is on a tour and need to know about the famous tourist spots of that place; if your site provides this information and if you are available on mobiles as well, the user will simply be delighted to get the data then and there and will refer to your site repeatedly. According to different surveys, people tend to access internet in an increasingly varied range of devices of which mobile is the one.  So if you don’t want to lose a huge number of potential customers, make your website mobile friendly today.

Here are useful tips to get you started –

  • Remember, that mobile web design is completely different than normal web design. So make sure that you hire the best mobile web design firm you can find. Check whether they provide trained and experienced professionals who have a fair idea about all the possible aspects of mobile website design.
  • It is important to provide a simpler lay out for the mobile web design. Usually wireless connections are not so fast like the other ones. The design and navigation options should be absolutely uncomplicated, e.g., a single column will look better in the small screen than the layout with multiple columns.
  • Provide the option of tapping instead of clicking in your mobile website. Professional mobile web designers prefer to use large buttons or icons instead of clickable links. Make sure that the users find it easy and enjoyable while accessing your website via mobile.
  • As you cannot provide all the details like that of the normal website, be careful while selecting the content for your mobile website. Present all the important information that you want your customers to see on the top of the page like navigation and search.
  • Make sure that there are not such images that cause delay in loading the website. Avoid the background images as they can cause problem in reading. Try to use little images like icons with small size.
  •  It is advisable to not to use forms on mobile sites as they cause confusion among the readers. You can use lists and buttons which they can choose from according to their requirements.
  • Make sure that your website works offline as well. The customers may not get internet access all the time. If your site is enabled to operate offline as well, the customers can get the relevant information anytime they want.
  • Include an option to go to the regular website in the mobile site itself for interested people. Always offer users to switch back to ‘normal mode’.

Well, these are some tips to help you with regarding mobile web design that can earn you the expected results.

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Tablet Computers: 6 Things to Look For Before Purchasing

With the advent of Windows 8, more and more laptops that are hitting the market are turning into a laptop and a tablet. While this is, indeed, an awesome piece of technology, you have to understand that it’s rather new
to the market. With that being said, we all know that newer gadgets tend to have a lot of kinks that need to be worked out.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a tablet computer, here are six things that you’re going to want to look out for before making the purchase:

#1 Size

If you’re unfamiliar with laptop tablets, it’s best that you test them out in person. These tablets are going to widely vary in sizes and weight. It’s so important that you play with a few in person to get a good feel on how one can work for you.

The most common sizes that you’re going to find is going to range anywhere from 15” to 18” screens. Remember, don’t forget to check the weight also. It’s not too uncommon to find tablet laptops that weigh less than a few pounds.

#2 Battery Life

One of the most important parts of a laptop tablet is the battery life. As technology continues to get better, it’s so important that you pick out a laptop that’s going to last long with its battery. The typical laptop tablet today should last at least six to eight hours while in use, and more than 24 hours in standby mode. Manufactures will usually have this information displayed directly on their website.

It’s best to look for a laptop that has a full battery life of more than 8 to 10 hours when in use. When it’s in standby, it should last up to 24 hours, depending on the brand. If you don’t trust the manufactures’ claim, be sure to see what other reviewers are saying online about their battery life.

#3 Reviews

Yes, these laptop tablets are rather new to the market, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any reviews on the web. Most of the reviews that you’re going to find are going to come from recognized magazines and experts. While you may find a few user reviews scattered here and there, be sure to find out what the good and bad is when researching reviews.

When looking at these reviews, there are a few things that you will want to look out for. See what people are saying bad about it. What don’t they like? Why are they saying this? Remember, even if it’s the best product, people are going to complain.

#4 Performance

If you own an iPad or any other type of tablet device, you probably already know that your performances are rather limited. For example, an iPad is extremely hard to perform word processing tasks, design graphics and so forth. Make sure that the tablet laptop that you’re looking to purchase is going to be able to handle these types of tasks.

#5 Cost

In the world of technology, the costs of a laptop tablet are going to widely vary. Since they are relatively new, plan on spending at least $700 for a barebones model, or if you want to get a higher end model, the price tag could easily be within the mid-thousands. Of course, like any technology, the longer that you wait, the more you can save.

#6 Accessories / Add-ons

Depending on the brand that you want to purchase, some tablets can come with some nifty features that can make your life easier such as portable speakers, headphones, additional USB ports and more. Be sure to know what you’re going to use this tablet for and make sure that this laptop is going to be able to cater to your every need.

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